Founded on 10 April 2009, the Arakan Army is the main military wing of the United League of Arakan and the only revolutionary Army for people of Arakan and its fatherland. The AA is fighting for to regain the national sovereignty power of Arakan, to reinstall the Arakanese political order in Arakan, and to reestablish the national independent republic of Arakan. Holding the Rakhita way, the main objectives of Arakan Army are:

(1) To struggle for the rights of self-determination for people of Arakan who are now subjected to alien subjugation, domination and exploitation under the Burman colonial rule

(2) To provide the safeguarding and promotion of the national identity and cultural heritage of the people of Arakan and

(3) To serve the “national dignity” and best interests of the people of Arakan.


For more information about Arakan Army, please visit the Arakan Army website: Arakan.Army